La Fiermontina actively participates in social commitments, notably through its hotel boutique, which proposes ethnic clothing and accessories produced by the “Migrants du Monde” (Migrants of the World) workshops.

The first “Migrants du Monde” workshop was initiated in Rabat by the Orient- Occident Foundation created by Antonia in 1994. Its objective is to promote cultural mixing and carry out social welfare projects.

To that end, voluntary training is offered to young people from underprivileged areas, and a new approach, more South- South oriented, is given to the phenomenon of migration, with deep respect for cultural diversity.

The workshop welcomes both Moroccan and migrant women, giving them an opportunity to achieve a certain independence and reclaim their dignity, while keeping their rich and diverse cultural heritage alive in the process, and putting its values across.

“Migrants du Monde” workshops were started in Lecce, thanks to a project funded by the Puglia region and an agreement between the Orient-Occident Cooperative now operating in Italy, and the city council.


One workshop is held in the Palazzo Turrisi-Palumbo and welcomes migrant women who are trained before being integrated into the production process, as well as local women from Salento who have expertise in traditional embroidery and sewing.


An atelier is also held at Museo Sigismondo Castromediano, a space that wants to be a project of socialization and sharing aimed at the diffusion of art and culture.


Our foundation supports the “Migrants du Monde” as well as local communities.

The orient-occident foundation (foo) has received international distinctions, including the Human Rights Award by France in 2008; the Euro-Mediterranean Award for Dialogue between Cultures in 2013; the Intercultural Achievement Award by the Embassy of Austria in 2014. Yasmina Antonia Filali was also awarded the prize for “Social Entrepreneurship of the year 2016” by the Schwab Foundation, in partnership with the World Economic Forum (Davos), as well as the Elissa- Didon Prize in 2017, in the context of the Med21 program and network, in partnership with the Tyre Foundation, and the Didon d’Or Prize of Tunisia.

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