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The Region

Vibrant Salento

Slow-paced villages, a stunning landscape, deep blue seas, centuries of history, red earth, Mediterranean aromas and centuries-old olive trees bear silent witness to the passing of the cultures and races who exchanged customs through time, creating a priceless artistic heritage.

Salento is a mixture of minimalism and multiculturalism with its captivating places and styles, quiet, unchanged by time, unspoiled by perfection and inspiration.

From the Baroque city of Lecce to Santa Maria di Leuca, to the inland secret villages of vineyards and ceramics, Salento is fascinating and various.

Lecce, the Baroque city

City of poets, talented artists, architects, interior designers, Lecce is a magical place that appears on the itineraries of ever more luxury travelers. It is a stunning combination of Baroque architecture and the local singular creamy-white limestone or pietra leccese.

This is an Italy different from Rome or Venice, and that is especially evident in the architecture, food, olive oil, wine, nearby beaches and slow moving ambiance. Yet, Lecce has remained off the international radar, although its reputation is growning in the world with its sense of place and refinement.

Several Churches, nympheas, blue sky, statues of angels upon palaces makes Lecce and its baroque extravagance an irresistible place of a distinctive and timeless charme and beauty.

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