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Antonia, the Muse

An evening stroll on the silvery cobblestones of Lecce’s historic town led French businessman Giacomo Fiermonte past the “for sale” sign outside a 17th century house.

Inspiration for this project came from a grandson’s desire to pay tribute to his maternal grandmother, Antonia Fiermonte. Born in Puglia, Antonia joined the legendary art scene that was Paris in the early 1930s, amidst the birth of Modernism, Dadaism and Surrealism. Her brother, Enzo Fiermonte lived a no less epic life, becoming a champion boxer then an actor, and marrying the American socialite, Lady Astor.

Filali bought the house to reconnect with its own heritage: a new build architecture melting tradition and minimalism.


To realize this tribute to his native born grandmother, the Parisian owner sought out the eminent Pugliese architect, Antonio Annicchiarico who has realized projects for director Roberto Benigni and the Hermes family. “Only someone from Puglia” he asserts, “could create something this modern yet entirely Leccese.” Their shared dream is built of the soft stone used to carve 18th century churches along nearby Via Libertini with the pietra di Trani floors found in noble homes throughout Salento.

The result incorporates 16 unique private quarters featuring traditional pietra di Trani floors and the vaulted star-pinnacled ceilings seen in noble homes of the Salento region, private balconies and open fireplaces. Scattered throughout the interior are original art and furnishings from Filali’s personal collection including pieces by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Tobia Scarpa. Sculptures in the private olive garden, were inherited from his grandmother for whom the hotel is named.

Interior Design

A quintessentially fusion of traditional Puglia design and contemporary accents prevail at La Fiermontina. Selections from the owner art collection and carefully curated antique furnishings feature throughout the 17th century property, along with dignified sophisticated detailing, creating a signature style that strikes the perfect balance between classic and minimalism.

The French design firm Charles-Philippe and Christophe brought about these interiors of effortless chic, mixing rare antiques and contemporary artwork belonging to the Fiermonte family, including pieces by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Tobia Scarpa with Italian furniture and custom textiles.

Visual pleasures merge in guestrooms overflowing with luscious textures, custom-made furniture and sensual optical delights of minimalism with a classic pedigree in the privacy of one of the most inspiring couture hotel.

La Fiermontina is timeless: it fuses contemporary and classical references in an ultra central Lecce location.

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